I was reading an article from Horse Junkies United yesterday, and felt this actually brought up something serious that every equestrian should stop and take note of.


I played volleyball, softball, and did track growing up. Yet the equestrian world seems to have raised the bullying standard to a level above some of the more convention sports.  We can be brutal, harsh critics and I’ve seen the social media to prove it. Since coming back to ride as an adult I have felt the sting of some nasty comments as well.

That said, I’m not perfect, and I’m sure I say stupid, mean things at times.  This campaign is a reminder to everyone, that each of us can improve in one way or another!

Bottom line, I feel like this sport has it worse because people go after our partners.  And in all honesty, something mean you say to my horse/about my horse, is a direct insult to me.  I realize that this isn’t the Saddle Club, but we can always improve upon our unity as a sport.

So take a minute and read the article, watch the video.  This campaign should be something important to all of us!




7 thoughts on “#Rideabovehate

  1. That’s an awesome idea! We’re all connected by our passion for horses and there’s really no reason to be cruel. Most of us have had our moments, I know there were times I was just flat out mean. Usually more out of defense than anything, but it was so wrong. I’ve gotten past that and if I can, anyone else can too. There’s no reason to bring another rider down. Riding is hard enough as it is.

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