VCBH: The Simple Life

Other than money, what would make your horse life simpler? 

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I need more time!

Totally unrealistic, but if I had more time, I could take more lessons, I could ride my horse more, spoil my horse more….and yeah it would all around be a better deal.


That said I am totally spoiled by wonderful employer who allows me extra time when I need it, and a great support system outside of that.  But between work, juggling a home life, friends, working out (necessary), and family commitments I sometimes feel like I’m getting pulled 100192948 different directions.  Keeping that balance is an art I often fail at completely.

So please world- I need the day to be around 28 hours long!

View from the stable.

View from the Stable: Worth the Rush

Also, Mango Bay winner will be announced TOMORROW!  Happy Monday ya’ll!

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