As many of you may or may not have noticed, I am typically a very pale person. I proudly call my skin tone transparent, and I will burn under a powerful lightbulb.

Hence, summer and I have a complicated relationship.

This weekend was a family extravaganza, involving two boats, two lakes, one runaway dog, one tent, several types of drink, and a ton of sunscreen. I was a lifeguard in high school, and pride myself on how well I usually keep from burning. However, this weekend after putting on my multiple layers of sunscreen I got the opportunity to go water sledding. (literally a sled in water, being pulled by a ski boat) I hopped in, climbed up on the sled belly down and got myself dragged all over the lake. What I didn’t realize is the texture of the sled was also removing all sunscreen from my upper legs and belly.

About 3 hours later I start to wonder why my legs are itchy, and then my stomach. And then I figure it out. It was far to late!

So now I can’t wear pants.

Honestly shorts kind of hurt.

I braved the 90 something degree temps and my awkwardly burnt legs to go play with O yesterday, and she was fabulous on the lunge. Listening, soft, and forward.

Treats now?

Treats now?

After she got not one bath, but two, as it was ridiculously hot. I also took the chance to hose down my legs while she was drying. Heaven.

Then back to her field she went.

As soon as I got far enough away....

As soon as I got far enough away….

A noble beast.

A noble beast.

photo 4 (12)

Hopefully my legs can tolerate clothing better tomorrow and I can actually get on my horse. Fingers crossed!

10 thoughts on “Burnt

  1. Ahhh I’m fair skinned, too. I just bought some of those UVA long-sleeved shirts for this summer. I’m hoping that helps. Burning your legs is the worst, though 😦

  2. I cook myself on the first day of summer and somehow the burn magically turns into a tan. Wish I could do it now, though… it’s winter in Africa and I’ve been bundled up for days.

  3. Im super pale, too. Despite my BEST efforts, I usually end up burned once or twice a year. Hope it feels better soon!

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