Looking Ahead

Anyone ever look ahead at the next few months of their life and say “How the heck am I supposed to manage that?!”

Because that’s kind of where I’m at for this early fall/late summer months.

Starting in late August I will be traveling for work, be traveling every week or every other week for family and friend events, and then God knows what else will rear it’s head.   While all these things will be a blast, I’m starting to worry about my 4 legged beastie having to take a backseat.   And I don’t want that.

Cute pony.

Cute pony.

My horse does best in 4-5 days of work a week.  She’s happier, and more fit that way.  Not to mention it seems  to be keeping her sound while helping to advance our riding together.  So how do I plan to manage 4-5 days of riding, which is difficult now during a time I consider ‘relaxed’, when I can literally not cannot squeeze anything else into my life in a few short months?  Welllllllllllll….

I’m considering a temporary half-lease situation.

Who doesn't want to ride this obviously graceful animal?

Because who doesn’t want to ride this obviously graceful animal?

There are several amazing riders at the barn right now who are on the hunt for their next equine partner.  In the meantime they are looking to find a temporary horse to ride, that is not necessarily a lesson horse.

In my head it seems like too good of a consequence to let just pass me by.  It would mean double the lessons for O, at least 2 rides a week outside of my own hacks, and someone checking on her practically everyday.  Yes, it does mean I have to share my most prized possession.  And I’m sure I will battle a shit-ton of little jealousy as I am plopping my butt down in an airplane again, while knowing a new rider is whisking her around the arena, but it may be what is best for her in the meantime.

Anyone ever half-lease out their horses?  Any  personal experiences?   I’m thinking a 2-3 month type of arrangement.  Nothing is certain at this point, just thought it’d see what other people thought!

8 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. I’ve done it before. It worked out okay. For me I was pleased with everything but he ended up not being a great match for the leasee. Still no regrets though.

  2. I considered it once with my first pony but it ultimately didn’t end up happening. I’m far too possessive. It would have to be someone I seriously trust both in skill level and in personality. 😦

  3. I’ve been the leasee before, and it has worked out. I was happy to get some rides on a nice horse and willing to follow the owner’s training program. You just have to like the person and trust their riding. Bonus if you both ride with the same trainer.

  4. I’ve both leased horses and leased out my horse. I love the set up. I had a series of three gals who half-leased my TB. They we all awesome. Very responsible with my tack and grooming supplies. They rode him kindly.

    I’m shopping for my next horse now and I’m hoping to find a share boarder/half – lease with my new horse as during the school year I’ll realistically only be able to get out to the barn 3-4 times per week.

    Go for it. If you find a good rider match, it will be wonderful for your peace of mind, nor to mention a bit of a financial help.

  5. I have leased out a horse before, when I went away to college. It was a really good situation because I had actually been taking lessons with the girl for a few years so I really knew and trusted her as a rider and a person. It was a great match, and I knew my horse was getting love and excellent work.

  6. I think that sounds like a great idea, especially since you have people at your barn already who you know (and know the riding quality of) and who are looking for a temporary horse. Go for it!

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