June Schooling

The June horse show plan was to debut at 2’6” and get pony around the courses.

The plan was configured 3 weeks ago…since which she as pulled two shoes, jumped 0 times, and I have been out of town roughly a week and a half.  Yeah….You may see where this is going.

I showed up to school Friday really excited, and O came out so quiet, and chill; even with the hub bub of horses arriving to school.  It was pretty warm, and she actually was a little sluggish at first.  We popped over the 2 foot stuff and she was so confident, and really took me down the lines.  Off we went to school in the 2’6” ring.

Jumps for the 2 foot and 2'3'' courses.

Jumps for the 2 foot and 2’3” courses.

What the 2'6'' stuff looked like.  Complete with puddle I almost got dumped in.

What the 2’6” stuff looked like. Complete with puddle.

We trotted a few of the less elaborate singles, and she really jumped them hard.  Then we decided to try out a line (which were more built up and decorated).  I put her in my “box’ between legs and hands, and added quite a bit of leg which was good because she peeked hard at the decorations below and landed a bit discombobulated.   Still, I managed to keep her going (even if super wiggly) down the line and she did a repeat performance of the hard peek, hard jump.  The scary white gate/stone wall combo warranted an almost stop so she could stare it down, before rocketing over it.  But after every line she got a chance to walk, get loves, and regroup.

We came down the last outside line, and the second jump was a stone wall-ish thing that you landed in a bit of a puddle.  We cantered down, I gave her FAR too much credit and softened and relaxed.  She saw that puddle about .2 seconds before leaving the ground, and opted to stay on the dry side of the jump.   I was thinking “bump her forward” to late, and went for the squeeze, and O went sideways versus over.  I thought for a second I was going to stick with her, the next second I was attempting to land on my feet.  Nope missed it by THAT MUCH…heels, then butt.  At least it was the dry side right?!  I hopped back on and came immediately back to it, grabbed mane, and squeezed hard.  She jumped it like it was 4 feet tall and contorted herself to try to avoid the puddle (in 2nd photo).  What a princess.


So after we had hopped over everything a time or two, trainer and I had a heart to heart.  O definitely surprised her, and me a bit, by being more anxious about the more ‘grown up’ jumps.  There were some really great moments, but she was a totally different horse than when we were popping her over the lower stuff.  We decided that she is coming along so nicely, and is trying so hard, that we’d rather spend more time feeding her confidence than take the risk of stressing her out with 4 courses over these new types of jumps.  The 2’3” is still more single pole types, and we thought we’d do that this show and give her a great experience.

I was so proud of her though, and she definitely showed she’s got the ability, just a matter of getting her comfortable.

6 thoughts on “June Schooling

  1. Do you ever lunge her over stuff? With Wiz, before I even sat on him, I regularly lunged him over any obstacle I could find. It gave him the time to figure it all out without me on his back messing him up. Just a thought! I definitely agree with going slow 🙂

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