Goals in Review: May and Away Show

First off, to review some goals from May!!

May Goals:
1. Get this abscess/bruise thing figured out so we can get back to work. Success!  After a little over a week off, she came out sound and happy!

Sound ponies are happy ponies.

Sound ponies are happy ponies.

2. Practice riding in both outdoor rings.  Success…we managed a few good rides outside.  Definitely need to continue this going forward.
3. Jump the scary roll tops (the ones she thinks will eat her).  Scary rolltops were temporarily stored…so this will have to wait.
4. Go for walk hacks around the property.  We went on a few random adventures, but never very far as I am a wimp and was riding alone.  Hopefully more of this soon!
5. O gets her 4 rides a week. Success!
6. Push for that correct canter, all the time.  Half-success, I am asking for it…but honestly we still argue at the canter.  
7. If we have time/are ready, go off-site for her first away show at the end of the month.  Success-and a ribbon to boot!

Showing the tiny red flowers she's bigger than them.

Showing the tiny red flowers she’s bigger than them.

7.a. Be able to jump around without hysterics at said show.  Success-she was chill as a cucumber!
8. Still try to get more photos/videos. Didn’t do great at this minus the show.  

Secondly, we have the goals I threw out there for our first off-site/away show the last weekend in May.

1. Maintain MY choice of pace.  Loved it…she did the ads when I asked, and the stride when I asked.  

2. Not scream our heads of at new horses.  I counted around 3 screams total, and none were when we were down by the show rings…I’ll take it!
3. Load and unload nicely.  Assuming this went well, my trainer actually took care of this for me!
4. Get over and around all our courses.  She was a rockstar.
5. No attacking cute ponies.  She didn’t bite/kick/spook at the ponies, she did find them to be fascinating and they had to be watched consistently.  
6. End the day leave feeling better about being away from home and riding.  Current joke: horse is better at showing away from her home barn.  I was so proud of her!

Posing post-show!

Posing post-show!

9 thoughts on “Goals in Review: May and Away Show

  1. Yay for completed goals! Congratulations! I love going on walk hacks around the property though I only ride a loop around the barn and paddocks to cool down.

  2. It isn’t that unusual for a horse to be better at away shows than home shows. It’s scary to have your home turf invaded by a bunch of strange horses!

    Great job on all the successes!

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