When Worlds Clash

Last week my horse gave me more future grey hair.

Monday she got a shoe tacked back on after launching it into orbit over the weekend.  No craziness.  In fact she ground tied and went to sleep…pony likes her pedicures.

photo 2 (27)

“It’s fine, I’ll just go to sleep on your head”

"Whatcha doin?"

“Whatcha doin?”

Then I felt like poo and didn’t ride for a day or two.  Then Thursday she comes in with a bent up back shoe.  Insert much stomping, face palming, and growling…all during my first meeting of the day in the office since I wasn’t actually the one who found it…just the one who gets all the AWESOME text messages this week. My co-workers don’t even bother asking anymore.

I trudged around all day trying to figure out what to do; my farrier is amazing, and his work with sport horses and special shoeing can’t really be compared. And he practically saved my horse last year…yet he can not come out for at least another week.  He suggested pulling both the bad shoe and the other back and letting pony frolic around 2 shoed for a few weeks.

I must admit that at first I shared my trainers panic.  Horse was finally sound.  Horse likes her 4 shoes.  Dear God why would we EVER CHANGE ANYTHING EVER AGAIN about her feet.  But here’s the twist in the plot.

My farrier is also my father-in-law.


As in my husbands father.

So now I have family based expert advice ….versus training expert advice.  Naturally I got home and made myself a large and very fruity cocktail.  I hemmed, and hawed over it a bit.  Had a second cocktail.  Talked to my trainer, who is absolutely amazing by the way, and wants only what is best for us.  Finally, I decided to give the backfoot backs a try.  Her feet are in the best shape we’ve ever seen them, and the farrier can be back out in around 2 weeks.  I am hoping my little flat footed mare holds it together until then.  We have a show in 8 days, 4 of which I will be out of town.

I completely understand how some people must think I’m crazy, but we’ve worked so hard, and for a long time to find a mix to keep this horse sound and happy.  Mentally it’s hard to swallow any type of change.

Barefoot (in back) and beautiful!

Barefoot (in back) and beautiful!

I did feel some reassurance today when she marched around the gravel with me and then trotted around her pasture floaty as can be.  Maybe this will work out!  In the meantime, all my fingers are crossed!

Selfie on the gravel road!

Selfie on the gravel road!

18 thoughts on “When Worlds Clash

  1. I hope that everything works out okay. I’d think she’ll be okay as long as her feet are in good condition and she isn’t slipcping in the hind end. Good luck showing!

  2. Good luck! So far, so good, right? The horse will tell you if it isn’t going well. Mine is barefoot now too. Scary, but we take it one day at a time. You may want to give her a little iodine soak if she gets ouchy. Check out my latest post to read my experience.

  3. I’ve noticed a common theme on social media (#horsehour) and other sites. Is there a trend of people wanting to go barefoot or just front shoes only? My trainer’s Morgan that she events is only shod in front. I realize your situation was kind of accidental, but it got me to thinking. . .

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