RtR Blog Hop: Very Superstitious

What superstitions do you have when it comes to your horses, riding, and/or showing? Do you have any good luck items/charms? 

Love this post idea from Racing to Ride!

Mainly because I do have a few weird, annoying superstitions about riding.

First Up:

I do NOT like to wear or use things the first time.

Jackets, boots, breeches, saddle pads, bridles, whatever.  While I love receiving new things, the actual act of putting them on myself or my horse before I ride makes me kinda nervous!

It always seems that when I do have something new going on, something else goes wrong.  An example (or two):

Last summer our first horse show, she tears off a shoe.  When I came the next day to my 4-shoed horse, I was wearing new breeches.  She was LAME.

This summer I was fortunate enough to wear this lovely light purple long sleeved show shirt (pictured below) during O and I’s first show, along with my new show coat.  They were new, and lovely.  And my horse was a dragon.

Vrooming around in the new shirt.

Vrooming around in the new shirt.

There are other instances, but yeah.  I’m a weirdo about it.

And finally, my other superstition/good luck charm that really just makes me laugh.

I blame my Mom for this one.

I went through a phase as a kid where all I wanted to eat was breakfast burritos (from McDonalds of course) and diet coke.  Same phase where I was showing all the time, and doing really well.  So naturally every show must be kicked off with breakfast burritos and a diet coke.  It’s a requirement.

Good luck charm.

Good luck charm.



10 thoughts on “RtR Blog Hop: Very Superstitious

  1. I can totally understand the “new things” superstition. I must say that the breakfast burrito/diet coke superstition is pretty awesome though! Love it! Thank you for participating 🙂

  2. I don’t really have superstitions but, come to think of it, the times my horses loaded easily the show rained out or I was disqualified by the second jump… whilst when they had to be manhandled into the box, the shows went fine.
    I blame it on Murphy’s Law.

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