Longview Show-Day Two

Sunday was muggy, warm, and rain-free! O was bright eyed and content in her stall watching the world go by. Saturday I rode around 1pm, and waited until after 5 for my flat to start. However, Sunday I arrived at 10 to realize that if I hustled I could go in a few trips. We threw O together and I tossed on my jacket! A few sprays of fly spray and off we went!

The area was still muddy, but significantly more dried up. I headed straight into the warm up ring, walked, trotted, cantered, jumped a vertical twice and walked into the ring for my classes! It was 10:15. Bam.


Borrowed bridle is TOO big here. Opps.

O seemed to appreciate the lack of time in warm-up to get anxious, and came out soft, and I was able to keep her nicely in front of my leg. I wanted to hug my horse; seriously, each trip she got more confident, and relaxed. We looked at no jumps. We got our changes 50% or more of the time, and the strides were easy.


Doing the stride and baby jump thing!

Doing the stride and baby jump thing!

One itty bitty issue kept rearing its head both days though. We were thrilled she was quiet and relaxed…we were not so thrilled she was simply cantering over the jumps, and not really worrying about her back feet. Each class she took down a single pole. Usually when I was over-riding, but still odd.

Going over is better than through....I promise O.

Going over is better than through….I promise O.

My trainer and husband thought it was pretty funny.

Apparently O pony has decided she’s done with the 2 foot stuff, and is not putting forward very much effort.

Nonchalant pony is nonchalant.

Nonchalant pony is nonchalant.

Loping along to the diagonal.

Loping along to the diagonal.

That said, O better get ready for more effort. Our trainer was so happy with her, and thinks that she’s definitely ready to move up to the 2’6″ classes! Β We’ve been jumping around at that height in lessons, but will make our debut in the 2’6″ show ring in mid-June at our next show! Very excited!

I think she's adorable.

I think she’s adorable.

17 thoughts on “Longview Show-Day Two

  1. commenting here for both posts-

    one thing I don’t miss about hunters: WAITING!!!

    Also, she has a very beautiful hunter canter. once she gets straight and starts jumping the bigger stuff and gets her leads, you all will be very competitive πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!!

      I keep telling my brain straight is better than zig-zag, but it never seems to work out! πŸ™‚

      The waiting is awful. You’d think by now there’d be a better way!

      • I love eventing because we get a time. It blew my little hunter mind the first time though!

        Wiz and I have been focusing on straight as well. My trainer and I got into it about him needing to go more forward, but when we did I felt like I had no control and were just flailing at the jumps. Finally realized what is really happening is he’s not engaging his hind end, thus kind of spinning out and getting crooked. Yesterday I spent twenty minutes just trotting back and forth over a vertical and going straight to the rail and halting (he wants to dive immediately right/left after a fence). Then we did the same thing at a canter. Finally we were smoothly stopping after the fences in a straight line and I had his hindquarters back! Then I could sit up, add leg to the jump, and we could come with pace and he was jumping straight and cracking his back. I think I need to start doing that exercise every time!!! Goodluck with her, she’s going to be beautiful πŸ™‚

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