Longview Show-Flat Class Fun

How many ponies/horses do you see?

How many ponies/horses do you see?


There was 17 horses in my under saddle flat class.

I know there have been flat classes with more…but dang.  7 hours after I originally got on, I was kind of over the situation.  My trainer simply told me “Stay quiet at the canter and try not to run over anyone”.

Avoiding the herd.

Avoiding the herd.

And so we walked….we trotted…and they lined us up to split for cantering.  I opted for a middle of the row spot.  Usually O is a boss at standing.  Apparently not today.  She would not stand…so I walked her to the end of the line and attempted to stand again.  She swung her rather large tuckus around , she pawed, she threw her head around, she pawed some more. So while the first group was attempting to canter, I was working on keeping all four hooves on the ground.  Finally we switched, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief.  She picked up a nice canter, I could be soft to her, and we were turning the corner by the judge when a little girl tumbled right off her horse.  She was fine.  But that meant we all had to halt until her evasive chestnut could be caught.  This meant my horse was supposed to halt (and stay halted) about 10 feet past the judge.

She did somewhat stay in place.  But she pawed furiously the whole time.  I was displeased….I hate pawing.

???????????????????????????????Anyway, we cantered the other direction, had a few close calls with tiny zooming ponies, but generally managed to avoid the other 7 people going around.  We again struggled to halt and wait in the center of the ring.  But alas, our names were called for 5th place.  Even better, we were the first full size horse in the ribbons!!  I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…you never beat the badass little show ponies, especially in the 2foot stuff.  Those things mean business.


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