VCBH: The Simple Life

Other than money, what would make your horse life simpler? 

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I need more time!

Totally unrealistic, but if I had more time, I could take more lessons, I could ride my horse more, spoil my horse more….and yeah it would all around be a better deal.


That said I am totally spoiled by wonderful employer who allows me extra time when I need it, and a great support system outside of that.  But between work, juggling a home life, friends, working out (necessary), and family commitments I sometimes feel like I’m getting pulled 100192948 different directions.  Keeping that balance is an art I often fail at completely.

So please world- I need the day to be around 28 hours long!

View from the stable.

View from the Stable: Worth the Rush

Also, Mango Bay winner will be announced TOMORROW!  Happy Monday ya’ll!

Friday: Five Things I Have Actually Done This Week

This week was honestly a little quiet.  Which makes for super boring blog talk.  So I’m going to break it down in 5 main events and attempt to make it digestible for readers.

1. Horse gets first flying change.  Ya’ll heard this.  If not, read my proud Momma rant here.
2. My air conditioning gets fixed.  I promise to love and cherish the A/C man forever if he drops the price on the unit.  He does not…so goodbye new fun colored show shirt I’ve been eyeing.

I want more fun shirts!

I want more fun shirts!

3. I ride horse, she is excellent.
4. My newly shrunk breeches put me on a diet since I get an F in laundry this week.
Yayyyyyy me!

Yayyyyyy me!

5. I exhibited my equestrian athletic prowess as I flew across my bedroom after being sound asleep and dreaming a squirrel was in our bed.  Husband doesn’t have a clue what’s going on but joins in on the shouting/running anyway.  (Happy 2am honey.)

So that was my week.  This Sunday is now the LAST day to enter the Mango Bay giveaway, so jump on that!



A Nice Surprise

The last few weeks we have been really pushing the bending thing with O. Especially to the left she prefers an oh-so-attractive bulging shoulder instead of bending nicely to the inside.

Ignore the cute, innocent face of the unbendable horse.

Ignore the cute, innocent face of the unbendable horse.

In my mind this is also setting us up to have the ability to get the nice lead changes and canter that we need. So last night when I managed to get into breeches (yay sunburn healing) and get on my pony I wasn’t sure what to expect. Some days are great, some days it’s like riding a log…a big crooked log with a bad attitude.

O's alter ego when asked to bed.

O’s alter ego when asked to bend.

Last night she was very forward, but she was agreeable and gave lots of nice bendy circles at the trot and canter. So in my mind I thought I’d take her through a few figure eights with trot changes in the middle to further that work. Heading right to left, I crossed  the center line, changed the bend with a half-halt thrown in, and got the most at ease, chill lead change of my life.


And it wasn’t even against the rail, it was in the middle of the freaking ring and specifically when I asked.
I walked her, gave her about a thousand pats, and praised my genius horse for all to hear for getting her first “on purpose” lead change. I asked, she gave. It was awesome.

That said, I had to try the other direction now, and she did struggle more getting her hind end swapped. But with a trot step would quick change and move right along easy peasy. So we are kind of there?  Like an almost half-way point?  At least she understands what I’m asking for, if not how exactly to give it to me.  Progress is progress to me.
So a very nice surprise!

I pretty much called it a night after she was so cooperative.

Mini trail rides are her favorite.

Mini trail rides are her favorite.

However, there was a second surprise of the night….

Too funny to not post.

Too funny to not post.

Yes. That is bird poo on my lovely horse’s head. She was birdie bombed at some point during our ride and apparently didn’t care. I was just glad it wasn’t a few more feet back. Poor horse has no dignity left, as I made her stand, take pictures, and then text everyone about it. And don’t worry, both bridle and beastie got a nice bath for their efforts (picture seen at top).

"You are leaving?!"

“You are leaving?!”

"But my other friends are so far away!"

“But my other friends are so far away!”


As many of you may or may not have noticed, I am typically a very pale person. I proudly call my skin tone transparent, and I will burn under a powerful lightbulb.

Hence, summer and I have a complicated relationship.

This weekend was a family extravaganza, involving two boats, two lakes, one runaway dog, one tent, several types of drink, and a ton of sunscreen. I was a lifeguard in high school, and pride myself on how well I usually keep from burning. However, this weekend after putting on my multiple layers of sunscreen I got the opportunity to go water sledding. (literally a sled in water, being pulled by a ski boat) I hopped in, climbed up on the sled belly down and got myself dragged all over the lake. What I didn’t realize is the texture of the sled was also removing all sunscreen from my upper legs and belly.

About 3 hours later I start to wonder why my legs are itchy, and then my stomach. And then I figure it out. It was far to late!

So now I can’t wear pants.

Honestly shorts kind of hurt.

I braved the 90 something degree temps and my awkwardly burnt legs to go play with O yesterday, and she was fabulous on the lunge. Listening, soft, and forward.

Treats now?

Treats now?

After she got not one bath, but two, as it was ridiculously hot. I also took the chance to hose down my legs while she was drying. Heaven.

Then back to her field she went.

As soon as I got far enough away....

As soon as I got far enough away….

A noble beast.

A noble beast.

photo 4 (12)

Hopefully my legs can tolerate clothing better tomorrow and I can actually get on my horse. Fingers crossed!

Giveaway time: Mango Bay Belts

I am so excited to be able to give away a belt from Mango Bay!


I first saw them at Rolex this year, and thought every single belt was adorable.   These belts are well made, fashionable, and look great with breeches or jeans.  I absolutely love mine, and wear it out and about with shorts too!

This is the one I have!

This is the one I have!


On to the good stuff!  I’m opening the giveaway via Rafflecopter (link below) today and it will run through next Sunday the 29th at Midnight so be sure to get your entries in!  Best of luck to everyone! Be sure to check out all of their belts online here, because they are lovely and the prices are very reasonable!


So go here to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Looking Ahead

Anyone ever look ahead at the next few months of their life and say “How the heck am I supposed to manage that?!”

Because that’s kind of where I’m at for this early fall/late summer months.

Starting in late August I will be traveling for work, be traveling every week or every other week for family and friend events, and then God knows what else will rear it’s head.   While all these things will be a blast, I’m starting to worry about my 4 legged beastie having to take a backseat.   And I don’t want that.

Cute pony.

Cute pony.

My horse does best in 4-5 days of work a week.  She’s happier, and more fit that way.  Not to mention it seems  to be keeping her sound while helping to advance our riding together.  So how do I plan to manage 4-5 days of riding, which is difficult now during a time I consider ‘relaxed’, when I can literally not cannot squeeze anything else into my life in a few short months?  Welllllllllllll….

I’m considering a temporary half-lease situation.

Who doesn't want to ride this obviously graceful animal?

Because who doesn’t want to ride this obviously graceful animal?

There are several amazing riders at the barn right now who are on the hunt for their next equine partner.  In the meantime they are looking to find a temporary horse to ride, that is not necessarily a lesson horse.

In my head it seems like too good of a consequence to let just pass me by.  It would mean double the lessons for O, at least 2 rides a week outside of my own hacks, and someone checking on her practically everyday.  Yes, it does mean I have to share my most prized possession.  And I’m sure I will battle a shit-ton of little jealousy as I am plopping my butt down in an airplane again, while knowing a new rider is whisking her around the arena, but it may be what is best for her in the meantime.

Anyone ever half-lease out their horses?  Any  personal experiences?   I’m thinking a 2-3 month type of arrangement.  Nothing is certain at this point, just thought it’d see what other people thought!