The Cost of a Fall

This March I had a supremely ungraceful moment at the same instant my horse decided to have a wild moment. So off I went. And it hurt pretty freaking bad. So of course the ambulance got involved, then half a dozen scans, test, drugs, and sitting in my own little room with trainer and a fellow rider for the evening.

Note: I was there roughly 4 hours.

I realize that every hospital and situation will be different, but just to throw it out there. Let’s break down some costs.

Radiology: $761.00

ER Doctor’s Attention: $1,136.23

Hospital stay (for the whole whopping 4 hours): $26,603.21

And let’s not forget the going away present from ER Doc…
Happy pills: $20.00
(thank god for pain medicine)

All this leads to a grand total of…


And now I know why we buck up and pay for health insurance every month. Holy cow!! And the final diagnosis? Soft tissue damage. Nothing some fabulous pain medicine and time off the horse didn’t cure.

I actually ended up paying about $1,700 which is about 5% of the total cost. Not too bad considering everything.

This does probably mean I can’t be throwing myself at every show that comes my way, and yes, it kind of shut down my dreams of fancy show bridles for O pony. But really what is most important is that I knew I wasn’t broken, and that I was assured of what was going on. So while it was expensive in my mind, I can’t help but be grateful for those who did help take care of me that night!

She doesn’t seem to think she needs to apologize….and I can’t stay mad at that face!

Too cute for my own good.
Too cute for my own good.
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