Tonight O and I had our lesson and I am so happy that we had the following things happen:
1. We had great breaks (no galloping/flailing)
2. We jumped everything the first time (even the brick wall)
3. We did the stride easily and it was not frantic
4. Half-halts were effective and she responded quietly

I was such a proud mom! Since my fall (and the weeks off after that) both of us have had some issues being brave. Me because I know this mare jumps the new/scary ones really hard, and her because since my fall (which apparently scared her too) we haven’t done a ton of jumping. And my newly acquired nerves don’t help her at all either. But last night when I didn’t hesitate, neither did she. By the end of the lesson she was quietly taking me to the jumps, and while eager-she was listening. She did throw in one enormous, awkward, all-four-legs-off-the-ground jump, but my brain continued to function and I just sent her forward and onward we went.

I hope I’m not jinxing anything, but last night felt like things as usual. I didn’t get anxious, she didn’t get wild, and we had a great ride. It was a blast!

I leave you with a picture of her snoozing in the wash stall before our ride. She’s recently developed a fear of the wash stall so has been spending some quality time just hanging out in it.

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