Finally Free

Best news all week: O was sound-ish on Thursday, and perfectly sound on Friday! Since she’s been cooped up for over a week, I expected some theatrics when she got to go back to her outdoor turnout. So I had camera ready…here’s some stills from the video. I’ll attach the clip later once I figure how to do so.

Pretty girl!

Pretty girl!

Finally free!

Finally free!

Just for a bit of humor, they moved the fencing while she was inside, and so I totally put her in the wrong turnout….and then she was so wild I couldn’t catch her to move her! Here she is the next morning begging to go out with her friends.

"I've changed my mind about this turnout"

“I’ve changed my mind about this turnout”

Our first ride back Saturday was really good, not anything monumental but it was good, and she was responsive. Good pony.

Today’s ride was a bit more chaotic. I tried to ride her outside in the wind, and it did not go well. We spent so much time re-learning how to trot in a straight line that I ran out of time before I even got to canter. Also she had a pretty big spook on our way back to the stable (which I stuck) that caused us to elongate our ride again…I didn’t want her to think I’d get off every time she does that. So we walked some hills in the field.

My second ride today was my friends cutie patootie grey mare. After fighting with O for our entire ride, her soft, quiet ride was a welcome change.

Grey ears for a change.

Grey ears for a change.

I hope everyone is having a great mother’s day!

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