May is Here! (Goals)

These were my goals for April:
1. Start more hill work
Not a great start on goals 1 and 2…with the weather being sloppy we tend to stay out of the back fields were all the great hills are.
2. Lunge in side reins way more often, she does awesome in them
Opps…no excuse.. Just didn’t happen.
3. O gets ridden 4 times a week
Great success! Minus a random week where the barn was occupied by a visiting show, O had at least 4 rides a week.
4. Have a great first show experience, try not to demolish any jumps along the way
I’m not sure I’d call our first show great, but it was a good experience…also no demolishing of the jumps happened so that’s a bonus.
5. Perfect that walk to canter transitions
It’s there, not sure I’d call it perfected.
6. Take more video and photos of my rides to document progress
Kinda? Not great. It’s hard when you lesson either really late, or alone! Recruiting photographers.
7. Attempt to not spend all the money at Rolex
Sadly due to grown up things like ER bills and painting my house, this had to happen…and I was really good.
8. Also, have fan-freaking-tastic time at Rolex
Even without buying all the pretty things, still had a great time!

Throwback photo since all we do right now is soak.
Throwback photo since all we do right now is soak.

May Goals:
1. Get this abscess/bruise thing figured out so we can get back to work.
2. Practice riding in both outdoor rings.
3. Jump the scary roll tops (the ones she thinks will eat her).
4. Go for walk hacks around the property.
5. O gets her 4 rides a week.
6. Push for that correct canter, all the time.
7. If we have time/are ready, go off-site for her first away show at the end of the month.
7.a. Be able to jump around without hysterics at said show.
8. Still try to get more photos/videos.

Trainer watched O trot today, and thought she looked a bit better, but still pretty lame. We are continuing the soaking process!

Also, Wednesday is the last day to enter into my contest for a pair of Bionic gloves!! You know you want them!

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