Mostly great news from the vet. He agrees that it looks to be an abscess…he couldn’t seem to find anything that day, but assigned lots of soaking and wrapping for the weekend.

O is holding herself together pretty well, and was very civil during our hand walking today. I also noted that today her hoof was much warmer to the touch. Hoping that’s a sign of an abscess on its way out!

Thank you to all the well wishers! Hopefully we’ll see a turn for the good soon!



6 thoughts on “Soaking

  1. You may already do this but wrapping with Epsom salt poultice is awesome. You can just leave the hoof wrapped for two to three days and the treatment is 24/7. Hoping an abscess pops soon!

  2. I had a suspicion this would turn out to be an abscess: my friend’s horse presented with similar symptoms recently, but with no signs of an abscess initially. Then one appeared, popped, oozed and was gone in a couple of days, leaving her with a sound horse who was ready to be steadily brought back into work.

    Good luck, hope O feels better soon!

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