On Lock Down

O typically lives outside, and I was very proud of how chill she is being locked up with zero turnout. When I saw her last night, as soon as I opened her stall she stuffed her head out and bothered everyone around her..but she was mostly polite about it. Soooo yes…Cute, ouchy ponies get away with murder.



Lame pony is very cuddly.

Lame pony is very cuddly.

We handwalked last night. Or rather, she walked me. There is definitely something up front still off, and I’m really thinking front left. There were about a million people riding last night so I couldn’t toss crazy mare on a lunge to see exactly how lame. My trainer is checking on her daily. Four days in and still no swelling, heat or anything.

I’m praying for something simple.

Vet comes out tomorrow if she’s still not right. At this point, I kind of figure that’s what is going to happen. Send us luck?

photo 3 (19)

11 thoughts on “On Lock Down

  1. Hopefully just an abscess or some kind of stone bruise! Good luck headed your way. Hopefully O will be right again soon!

  2. Husky has been off a little lately too – sounds similar: presenting vaguely in the front. It turned out that his shoulder was sore and having acupressure work done released the tension.

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