Viva Carlos Magical Blog Hop: Do Overs

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If you could have 1 do-over in your horse life, what would it be? (or you can list a handful of do-overs because I totally did).

This was a really hard one for me. Yes, I have a list of things I wish I hadn’t done, but not many that I wish I could do over. I try to go with the mentality that the mistakes you make simply because a part of who you are now.

My biggest do over, would be the way that I handled my move to college and riding. At the end of my senior year, I got caught up in some barn drama and unfortunately feel that it left a bad taste in both my trainers’ mouths about me. Although they have since forgiven me (from what I can tell) I can’t get over the fact that after many awesome years there, I left in the midst of this nasty drama. I feel like that definitely affects how I handle things now. Also that I prefer to leave the drama to people who thrive on it…I do not. Just thinking about this ‘do over’ makes me stomach turn.

That said, it was this weirdness that caused me to search for a new stable after college, and ended up finding my amazing trainer and barn family now. So I guess it works.

On an O note:
Pony was quite unsound yesterday, enough to make my trainer nervous. We are both hoping abscess, but are giving her another day or so to see if she sorts herself out. If not, vet comes Friday. I’m going out today to check on her, pray for soundness, handwalk, and stuff her with treats.
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