A Bad Day

Yesterday I had a really bad day.

Work was a struggle. I was waiting allllll day to just go out and ride my pony. That’s all I wanted!

Grabbed pony from field, tacked her up in a slightly altered get up. We were rocking a borrowed figure eight with the pelham. Note in the picture I was still trying to get it adjusted to her face! Took my ‘jumper’ pony into the ring to lunge a bit.

Apparently while I was at Rolex she refused to be caught, and instead got her workouts from frolicking around the poor people who were trying to ride her.
photo 1 (27)
Anyway, she moves off on the lunge and immediately she is lame. First just a bobble, but by the 3-4 time around me, it was pretty significant. Called trainer, she watched and agreed that something was definitely wrong up front.

So instead of my lesson I spent some quality time with these items, O, and a not so helpful barn kitty.

Kitty says "SHINY"
Kitty says “SHINY”

After getting in trouble for not standing.
After getting in trouble for not standing.

Buted, wrapped, loved on, tossed in a stall. We’ll reevaluate tonight.
photo 5 (6)

Not saying the L word yet.

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