O’s Take On Life

Now that we’ve got her foot soreness (she came with when we bought her) taken care of and her hips all the in the correct spots (thanks chiropractor), O has an entirely new take on life going. It’s been most obvious since moving to this new stable in January. We’ve slowly had to change our tactics as she gained energy and muscle from her newly revised training program post-lameness, and I admit that I’m struggling a bit with all these changes. It’s hard when the same horse has been quiet as a church mouse for over a year, isΒ changing.

All the things that worked for us before, no longer are working that great. Which leads us to this week’s rides, which I felt were about 80% awful. Awful as in she STOPPED, as in refused, a single pole one night. And no, it wasn’t scary.

Smiling through 'the funk' ride #1

Smiling through ‘the funk’ ride #1

Essentially I’m not riding the way she needs me to, and it’s not pretty. It also makes me totally uninspired. I’d really like to just throw my western saddle on her and go for a trail ride. That sounds WAY easier than dealing with our laundry list of issues right now.

O says no thank you to working.

O says no thank you to working.

Side note. Mare is getting beefy, in a good way!

Loving the new neck/chest muscle tone.

Loving the new neck/chest muscle tone.

19 thoughts on “O’s Take On Life

  1. Don’t be discouraged by a few ‘not so great’ rides πŸ™‚ – Just keep chipping away. Review and reflect on what worked and what didn’t and consider why – Let me know if you want a hand! All the best πŸ™‚

  2. She is so cute! You’ll get through it πŸ™‚ I really believe in following your instinct and if you think you should go for a trail ride, then go for it. We all go through those times where they plateau before starting to improve again, hang in there πŸ™‚

  3. Ugh, I know that feeling! But it is a good thing that O is now physically well – she can give you so much more now that her body is feeling better. You guys just have to figure each other out again. Good luck! And I agree – a trail ride would probably do you guys good. Don’t underestimate the refreshing effect a trail ride can have on a horse in a schooling funk.

  4. haha reminds me of the one blog I read that said “horse is physically feeling good and has been extra expressive lately”. Ha, sounds just like O and Wiz ;P Love those ‘fun’ rides…. and how old is O again?? When Wiz bucked me off in front of Kofford (!), Kofford told me that usually they have their little ‘teenage’ years between 4-6, but after 6 they start settling down the spunk. I hope so… She looks great though πŸ™‚

  5. I’d throw on the western saddle. Go for it, do something fun, and then gradually start reintroducing the tougher Englishy stuff. I did that with Charlie and it worked great. He was more comfortable in the western tack (I think because I was more comfortable reacting to his tantrums in that than in my jumping saddle). IMO do whatever it takes to get something positive out of the ride for both of you, even if that means temporarily switching sides πŸ˜›

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