Product Review: The Bionic Store Equine Gloves

Product Review:
Women’s Classic Black Equestrian Glove
Pricetag: $34.95

Initial impressions:
They arrive very quickly, and the packaging is cool because it does tell you all the good stuff these gloves can do for you.
The leather is super soft, and once on, is stretchy in all the right spots.
They do fit true to size, and make sure to measure before buying!
I love the fit of them, and the wrists are a wide elastic with velcro.

Right out of the mailbox.

Right out of the mailbox.

After several weeks of consistent use:
I am working really hard on getting O back off her forehand, and balanced…this sometimes means that riding her feels like I’m holding onto a freight train. These gloves made me feel secure, grippy, and like I had a really good feel for the reins. For as soft as they feel, they have held up to several O temper tantrums as well as a rather explosive lunge line experience.

The outside of the ring finger (where the reins go) is extra enforced for more durability, as well as on the pads of the fingers. Not sure about you all, but that is where my gloves always rip and wear down first. I doubt that will be an issue with these gloves. Also, while I’m not a sweaty person by nature, I did notice that these gloves are vented and were very comfortable when it was warmer outside last week.
photo 2 (23)

photo 1 (22)
I do love that I can buckle all my tack with them on (not bulky or awkward) as well as ease of closing of your whole hand. And even though I don’t feel like I have serious hand issues, I feel very comfortable in these. I’m looking forward to using them more!

End of story-if you are looking for a comfortable and durable riding glove, I highly recommend these!

Loving them!

Loving them!

Modeling the gloves at our horse show.

Modeling the gloves at our horse show.

Stay tuned because I’ll be giving a pair of these great gloves away in the next week or so!

8 thoughts on “Product Review: The Bionic Store Equine Gloves

    • They are a little different looking, and I admit that I probably won’t be wearing them to many shows. But they are incredibly comfy and I think riding in them this summer will be really nice! Plus that means my leather ones can stay nice!

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