Friday night I was running a bit behind, and so by the time I got changed there was only time to throw tack on my beast and hop on. She was her usual chill self while we got ready, but the second she got in the ring we did a 180.

I expected the different horses and people to raise some interest from O, but this took it to a whole new level. She was totally unresponsive, barged her way around the ring, pinned her ears, ignored me completely, and she was very, very forward. I tried very hard to be quiet, but by the time we started jumping I was getting more and more defensive. Big props for pony that she went over every jump the first time, minus a baby roll top, which she stopped at (and I let her check it out) before gamely hopping over it the second time.

Then we moved on to course work.

It was awful.

She ran, I pulled.

My trainer kept repeating as we went speeding by “be brave baby horse, be brave”. Yeah, well that was just not happening. Her brain and mine were on two very different planets. I didn’t have bend, I didn’t have any adjust-ability between jumps, and hell-I was just excited that she stayed in the freaking ring. So we were ‘that horse and rider’ at schooling who was wildly raging around the ring. I actually got sent from the ring to go canter, canter and canter some more in the outdoor before we came back to try again.

When I got back, we were both exhausted…yet much to my dismay when asked to canter she once again fired up her dragon look. Thankfully, there was only one rider left besides us, and she had been in their earlier and clearly knew to stay out of our way. Dragon mare and I made it down two lines with minimal disagreements….and I had enough breaks to stop her after the lines. We ended on that.

What O looked like on Friday.
What O looked like on Friday.
You don't see the resemblance?
You don’t see the resemblance?

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