Show Garb for April

I admit that I was a little slow to start figuring out what I was going to wear to the first show of the season this weekend. Last night I finally tried it all on and am happy to say that minus my coat being a teeny bit short in the body (will be tailored before next show), I’m pretty happy!

Garb run down:

Jacket-Grand Prix tan coat, light purple lining.

Shirt-Light purple color, no idea what the brand is. This is actually borrowed from a fabulous friend who happens to be very similarly sized, thank god!

Breeches-My favorite pair of Tailored Sportsmans

Socks-rocking the Zocks from ovation

Boots- Tredstep DaVincis (kind of broken in)

Helmet-Trusty IRH helmet, freshly cleaned but most likely it’s last time in the show ring.

And yes, I’ll be rocking some nubbin’ spurs just in case. Pending my horses attitude Saturday morning I’m hoping I can ditch them over fences.

Last minute attire check!

Last minute attire check!

Wish us luck! Schooling tonight, show tomorrow!

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