Picky Picky

First lesson since the biting of the dust a few weeks ago. I was really excited to jump. I admit that I was hoping the stupid flowers O lost her mind/back end over, would be in the mix so we could tackle them again. Sadly they were stored to the side.

I'm coming for you evil orange flowers.

I’m coming for you evil orange flowers.

Flatwork is coming together, we get 5-6 strides of really great canter, usually down the long sides, and the corners are so much of a train wreck. I’m still really struggling with keeping that outside rein steady in contact at the left lead canter. We moved pretty quickly into jumping, starting with just a little vertical on the quarter line. And for the first half a dozen times I rode to it like I was coming to a 3 foot oxer. Pick, pick, picking at her about her spots.


My trainer kept saying “Why are you picking at her?! She’s figuring it out!”. Anyway. It was not one of my better moments as a rider. Once I realized I was just getting in her way, I half halted coming out of the corner and sat quietly. O quietly took me to the vertical each time after. Huge shock (not). I was really proud that she would choose to pick the shorter, closer spot too, versus the herculean-effort long spot she sometimes prefers.

Once we moved into course work, I got my butt into gear. We managed to fit in the adds every single line, and I realized that my horse is actually pretty adorable at her job. I also got the clear to show next weekend, so that is good news. O was a sweaty pony post ride, and is still attempting to keep her weird straggling red hairs on some parts of her body. SHED HORSE! I need you to shed!

Also, while eating her dinner, I tempted fate with the new pony (cutest little white fluff ever) by putting her next to him. In case you don’t know, O is either terrified of, or hates all ponies. The new one sent her into a spook every time he went past last weekend. And you can read about her meltdown over our mini here. Apparently the tiny adorable-ness pony can fit his head through part of O’s stall near her food. A ridiculous battle of pinned ears and wrinkly noses ensued.

Cuteness pony sees O's dinner.

Cuteness pony sees O’s dinner.

He makes his move!!  O is not pleased.

He makes his move!! O is not pleased.

O wins.

O wins.

10 thoughts on “Picky Picky

  1. That series of 3 pictures with the pony is funny! Also, my previous horse had a weird qualm about ponies too. It was kind of embarrassing. He would literally crane his neck around to look at them if they rode past us (while I was trying to be nonchalant, riding around the arena). I don’t know why he was so fascinated by them.

  2. I have the opposite problem when jumping… about three strides out, I freeze up and leave it up to the poor horse to decide what to do. Okay on the been-there done-that type of horse, but on a greenie, it’s a recipe for refusals! Glad to hear you can show, I’m excited for you! 🙂

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