Back At It

Last night I dragging the pony away from the green grass with a mission in mind! I tacked up, tossed on the spurs, and got to work! O was not thrilled with the level of intensity and rewarded me with lots of hollow back trot-running (uglyyyy). After I continued to make her do loops and figure eights, I did get somewhere with her. There was the occasional head flailing, but it wasn’t every other stride like we started with.

We trotted neatly around doing lots of leg-to-hand work, and establishing a steady contact with her. She is ready to quit on me the second I get too handsy, and don’t give enough leg, but obviously I take the blame for that. We worked hard. Her canter, dear lord, was so much nicer! It had bounce and mostly good bends! I could even kind of sit it! We both really struggle to the left, but it’s getting there! I’m feeling very confident!

It wasn’t until I pulled her up and let my legs drop out of the stirrups that I realized my back didn’t hurt at all!! I had been so focused I had forgotten all about it. PERFECT!

Pony was super gross and sweaty which prompted this photo shoot.

Ewwww sweaty hoss.

Ewwww sweaty hoss.

And then got rewarded with her first hose down of the year!

She was less excited than I was.

She was less excited than I was.

And then I realized it was past 8:30 and she was super wet. So we went walking. And took selfies. Life is good.
Ear fail.

Ear fail.

She's adorbs.

She’s adorbs.

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