Q1 Review: Where we stand

This first quarter has been chalk full of all kinds of great moments, and a few awful ones. I’d like to take minute to assess where we are after 1 quarter.
Goals for 2014:
First and most importantly-keep O sound.
So far, so good. I knock on wood a lot lately, but minus a few days of weirdness during the ice storm, O is feeling good!!
Take O to her first horse show.
This is still on the agenda, but the horse show organization heard I feel off and moved the show back a week!! –Just kidding, but it being moved back to April 12th only makes it more possible.
Convince my husband to take a lesson or ride on O english style.
Currently O is not his favorite animal. Hoping she can re-win him back over this summer.
I participate in my first horse show since high school.
Working on it.
Get our flying changes down.
No go. Still solidifying that canter of hers.
Feel confident jumping around full courses with consistent pace.
Not going to strike it, yet but we have come MILES. Just a matter of perfecting that ‘cruise control’ canter.
Win a ribbon (any ribbon).
Pending horse show.
Find and buy new tall boots that fit my mammoth calves.
DONE. I love my new tredsteps!
Participate in a clinic.
Waiting for summer.

Overall kind of a slow start. Hoping to pick up some momentum in April/May for more goal crossing off time!

5 thoughts on “Q1 Review: Where we stand

  1. I imagine O is probably not your hubby’s favorite at the moment after that fall. Hopefully she’ll redeem herself soon!

    Definitely lots of positives there, keep it up!

  2. Good luck! Haha, I’m in the same boat with my boyfriend and young gelding. Fell off the gelding on a hack a few weeks ago and now my boyfriend lectures the gelding on proper behaviour when I’m aboard… 😀

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