Boot Camp for O

I must admit that after getting bucked off, I was displeased with my horse. The official report on what happened was that instead of jumping like a normal horse, O decided to ‘tigger’ jump the second half of the line, and torn down the standard with her hind end (still some confusion how she managed that). As standard came down it hit her legs, butt and set off the bucking spree.

O jumps like this so the flowers won't eat her.

O jumps like this so the flowers won’t eat her.

I honestly get that she was scared. However, I do really wish she had taken the high road and had controlled her hysteria. Anyway.

O is being hacked by some amazing people while I’m off, and all of them have been great giving me updates on her post-ride. However, one message I was frustrated/angry at getting is one from a friend who hacked her right after I feel. Apparently O was a total witch, and spent most of the ride being nasty to her rider. I admit that I was a little disappointed, it’s like hearing your child was caught bullying in school or something. My trainer was getting on the next day for a bit of an evaluation ride, and anxiously awaited her feedback.

From the trainers mouth: O was really good, but she admitted that there O has some fear issues right now. Most likely that she is pretty freaked out about my fall, or the jump falling on her, and needs some reassurance. My trainer jumped her around, and overall was happy at the end of the ride. She is putting O in a bit of a boot camp, and will be jumping her around/schooling her a few more times until I get back on. Right now O needs to be jumped around and get her confidence back, and my trainer is perfect for that. We’ve also managed to figure out (hopefully) how to keep her at 4-5 rides a week! Gotta keep that girl fit.

You can still pop over to She Moved to Texas’ March Madness post to vote for A Gift Horse if you’d like!!

5 thoughts on “Boot Camp for O

  1. Regardless of how domesticated horses are they still never forget their instincts. It sucks when their instincts overrule their ability to listen to their rider, but that’s why horses are dangerous. Don’t be too upset with O, I’m sure she thought something bad was going to happen to her. I’m glad your trainer can help O regain her confidence while you are healing.

    • I admit I was displeased with her at the moment/first few hours after, but I do understand her fear! In fact I got really upset when I heard that she was scared. That’s an awful feeling knowing your pony is fearful.

      But yes, the boot camp will be great for us both. She still gets that attention she needs, and I can heal up! πŸ™‚

  2. I think having your trainer put O through boot camp is a great idea. I hope you are feeling better and you guys get back to it as soon as possible.

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