I’m officially at one week and two days off my horse (ha), and grounded from horse activities. The swelling in my hip and right side significantly has started to decrease, and I can actually lift up/use my right leg now. Before this it’s been stuck in a weird, I-can’t-put-my-foot-down-flat mode, that was not conducive for everyday uses such as: walking, going up or down stairs, and getting out of my car. Super annoying. I digress…this have gotten much more comfortable since then. I’ve never been more aware of how one injury can cause another (such as lameness in horses) since my left side has been very sore lately since I”m compensating so much. Horses-I totally get it now.

So what do you do when you are grounded from riding? I’ve put together a short list of what I’ve been doing to keep the horse craziness at bay while I heal up.

1. Watch Youtube. Specifically Derbys and other such fancy ponies.

2. Break in your new tall boots. I’m supposed to be moving around more anyway…perfect timing. (ignore the cluster of cords from my poor TV)
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3. Read all the blogs.

4. Play random online show jumping game and become too highly invested.

5. Clean my house. Because honestly it tends to come second to riding (opps).

6. Become overly interested March Madness.

7. Meet up with horse friends to keep in the loop on the comings/goings/details of barn life.

8. Live on cute pictures of your horse being a pig in the field.

Goober. Also looks like she's rocking the mohawk look here.
Goober. Also looks like she’s rocking the mohawk look here.

A big shout out to everyone who entered my giveaway for TheStallSignShop customized sign! The winner will be announced this weekend!

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