Magical Blog Hop: What’s in a name?

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I’ve touched on this before, as to why I started blogging!

However, I haven’t really touched on the name part!

Don't look this one in the mouth!
Don’t look this one in the mouth!

A gift horse means several things to me…

Really my blog name, is very relative to the definition of the slang “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”; essentially meaning, do not look down on something you are given. To take it a bit further, it can also mean that you should not criticize or feel doubt about what you have been given.

When I bought O the winter of 2012, she was a hot mess, and in some ways, I was too. Our road has been rocky, and full of ups and downs, but through it all I have tried to remind myself that what I’ve been given in my riding, in my lovely horse, and my daily life is a monumental gift! And that I should always consider it as one.

So that’s my story! Kind of sappy, but really very honest.

I’ll be closing my contest for this gorgeous stall sign on WEDNESDAY! Don’t forget to enter!!

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