4 Days Later

Today is day numero cuatro after my fall, and I’ll admit that I’m already 200% over this whole resting thing. Most exciting event of the past few days…I’ve figured out how to walk without falling over, mainly just using my left side and tip-toeing around on my right. Go me.

I’m not quite sure how I’m going to work this week, I have someone riding O this next week so I have zero temptation to do anything except rest. That said, I can’t imagine trying to get into the saddle right now. My husband is still humored by my attempts to get off the couch! ha!

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You know you want one!!

7 thoughts on “4 Days Later

  1. I would be so frustrated with not being able to do anything 😦 I got kicked and cracked a couple ribs last year and the recoup time for that was annoying enough; I can’t imagine injuring my lower back and being off for over a month. Hope the drugs keep you feeling somewhat comfortable and you find something to pass the time. Get better soon!

  2. I’m so glad to read that there’s someone who can exercise O for you – my worst fear about sickness or injury is that I can’t keep my boy exercised. At least knowing she’ll be looked after will take that weight off your mind.

    Best of luck with moving and also with staying still – these are the two big challenges when you’re in pain I find.

  3. Take your time and heal properly. I injured my lower back last May and *might* not have been very patient (to put it mildly) and now almost a year later I am still in pain. It sucks.

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