Birthday Giveaway!

Today is my lovely mare’s birthday! She technically turned 8 on Jan. 1st, but this is her “real” birthday and I plan to celebrate is as one.

Details and pictures of birthday goodness to come later after our ride!

In honor of O’s 8th birthday I have decided to host a giveaway!

Drumroll please…..

The giveaway will be one custom stall sign from TheStallSignShop!!

These beautiful, personalized signs would be fabulous for lockers, stables, in your home, and of course your favorite horse’s stall. If you don’t have a horse at the moment, I’m sure it would look brilliant with a family name or something similar.

How to enter:
Please comment here staying what is the best/funniest/interesting horse name you’ve heard! One I always remember-no idea why-and it is T’s Icecoldbeer. I heard it on a random sports channel some time ago and it always cracks me up.
You can get an additional entry in two ways:
1. By sharing this post on your blog and then telling me you did so in the comments below here.
2. Go like my brand new Facebook page here. Please make sure to let me know when you ‘like’ the page in the comments below, just in case your different usernames are tricky! I want to be sure everyone gets as many chances as possible.

I’m going to close the contest on the 19th (next Wednesday) so make sure to get your entry in before then!

Happy birthday O!

54 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaway!

  1. I always thought the january 1 birthday of TBs is stupid. My poor guy was born late July!!! Anyways, lovely signs- the name I always remember is “Hoof Hearted” just because my dad always laughed about it. I have no idea if anyone ever actually named their TB that or it was just a joke…

    Sharing and liking your fb page!

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  4. My first horse was Hard Twisted Zipper which is amusing.
    I should have given Stampede a show name separate from his registered. I think Stilts or On Stilts would have been great. “Kristen riding stilts…”

  5. Happy Birthday O!

    I once saw a racehorse named “I’ve Got Gas” and always wondered why you would name a horse that. 10 years later, I still remember that goofy name. Maybe that’s why they named him that! It sticks in your memory.

    I’ve liked your facebook page too. πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Birthday to O!
    I have liked your facebook page and I will share this contest, too. Interesting horse name. . .Puttin on the Ritz. I hear that name constantly at our little horse shows and I think it is cute.

  7. Well everyone always finds my OTTB’s name funny (Bacon). They thought her mom’s name was the Boar Queen, so she became Bacon. They then found out that it was actually “The Borg Queen” but Bacon stuck. What makes it even more entertaining is that she one of those tall lanky things that will never ever be round. And since she was never registered, I got to pick her show name. Drumroll……”She Sizzles”.

  8. Happy birthday O! There are lots of funny names in the QH world:

    Kiss My Brass
    Shades of Grey
    Buck Naked (so when the announcer says your name, they say “first place goes to Tracy riding Buck Naked!”) bahahahaha

  9. Happy Birthday, O! Hopefully she got to wear a tiara, too!

    The most absurd name I’ve come across personally was a NY bred racehorse named “Arrrrr”. Yes, he actually has that many Rs in his name. He even won a few times.

    And FB page has been liked. πŸ™‚

  10. A guy I pony clubbed with had this big QH gelding named “Foxfield’s Super Go T”. His barn name was “Goatee”. When I asked the guy about his horse’s name, he just replied they had two other horses back on the farm named Sideburns. I still giggle when I think of that.

    Happy birthday to O! Such a baby at 8. πŸ™‚

  11. One of my favorite lesson horse’s registered name was Wrapped In Scandle. All these years later I still remember that. I have been thinking about showing Sydney as Sasha Fierce. Once saw a Zips Chocolate Chip gelding named My Zippers Down and another similarly bred gelding named Stuck On My Zipper.

  12. My favorite, after all these years, remains Heza Little Devil. Barn name: Taz.

    Runner up had to be the Lipizzaner lesson horse named Poop.

    Oh! And the runner up’s runner up was an Area 1 eventing horse, show name “Daddy Said Yes.”

  13. One of my favorite names was a Zippo baby named Caught In My Zipper. His barn name was Ouch (obviously, haha). It always cracked me up!

    I also liked your Facebook page :).

    Happy Birthday, O!!!!!! I hope she get’s lots of goodies :)!

  14. Happy Birthday to O!

    I also remember Arrrrr. The race he won was hilarious to listen announced. The other ones I always remember was from a race where the 1 and 2 horses were Mywifeknowseverything and Thewifedoesntknow. Of course Mywifeknowseverything would win!

    I liked your facebook page and I will share on my blog. (Great contest!)

  15. The best one I’ve ever heard is AlwaysWinsATon. And yes, he actually does πŸ™‚
    Also, I used to ride a horse named Patch and my dad was reading the name on his bridle and he thought it was Patah! He’s like “Oh look, it’s Patah the Indian pony” Oh dad…..

  16. I once heard the announcer, at Standardbred race at a county fair, announcing a horse that was named “Racing on Lasix”. I almost died of laughter, while my goats just looked at me all “WER IZ MAH FUD AT, HOOMAN!”.

  17. i don’t have a horse right now so I don’t need a stall sign, but I have to comment. I had a friend in Wisconsin with an Appaloosa named Booger. I didn’t even know how to spell that when I knew the horse. He was actually a very cool gelding. What an awful name.

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  19. I honestly think Dandy Longlegs is probably one of the best horse names ever. I know a lot of people hate their OTTB’s registered name but I think mine is cute and fits perfectly (especially because I get people who come up to me without knowing his name who go “his legs are so long!”).

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