Mares in Spring

Sassy sassy sassy is what I’m dealing with right now. Yesterday, I felt like I to pony-kick her to get her to walk forward. Today, I could barely put my leg on before she would squirt out from underneath me.

This is how much leg I'm using.  I actually helped shed out her winter hair.  And no, I was not mean.

This is how much leg I’m using. I actually helped shed out her winter hair.

Mare takes her human for a walk post-ride.

Mare takes her human for a walk post-ride.

Whichever way I look at it though we got in great workouts, and today had a really great 2nd half of our ride. After she stopped biting at the air and humping her back at me. (more sass) I was actually really proud of her trot to the left and right today, as it was improved and seemed much more balanced. I really focused on leaving my hands alone and pushing her forward correctly with my legs. Good results, but definitely more work in our future.

O has recently dropped some weight and we are working on putting it back on her. She’s been in a lot of work this winter and the temperatures have NOT been helpful. We are working on fattening pony back up.

Anyone good at confirmation stuff? I am not, and realize that she is a little oddly put together. Anyway, have at it!

March 2014

March 2014


7 thoughts on “Mares in Spring

  1. My mare used to try to buck me off every spring! That picture of where your heels shed her out is hilarious! Regarding conformation: I definitely want to learn more about it. I am going to start studying it, and if I become more proficient I will let you know. Alas, I would currently sound idiotic if I voiced an opinion on her!

    • I’d love it if you would comment back! I really don’t have a good eye for it beyond the very, very basic stuff, and always love to hear other people’s thoughts.

      Oh mares! Like I said above, they always keep it interesting!

    • It’s that QH head!! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, we are working on ‘beefing’ her up a bit both muscular-wise and getting some more weight on her. Winter sucks! Thanks for the confo feedback!

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