Why I Blog

A little sappiness to celebrate the 150th blog post on A Gift Horse.

Why I Blog:
Spring of 2013 my green bean hunter mare came up short in her back hind. No heat, no swelling, and not really a specific point it was lame in. She got time off, she saw vets, she saw saddle fitters, and yet she continued to be mysteriously lame in the back.

I was newly married, with a husband who had never in his twenty odd years paid as much for a horse as I already had…his own chestnut mare had never put a foot whole in her 12 years. We clashed a lot over what to do with our little problem pony. At one point I even broke down and decided I had to get rid of her. All it took was a phone call from my father, telling me how stupid it was to give up that quickly, to set me back on the right path.

I asked my husband what the real problem was, and he said it was simply that I couldn’t let it go, and that it was affecting all areas of my life too much. So I sat down one night and drew up the basics for this blog. I needed an escape from the sometimes harsh world that we live in, somewhere I could pour out my anger, confusion, frustration, and happiness with my little horse. And it really worked. With a designated place to put all my over-active emotions I was able to move on, focus my attention, and be happy again.

Now, after months of encouragement, rehab, love, and roughly 150 blog posts, my little bay mare and I are a little less green and on the path forward. I really enjoy being able to share our triumphs and failures with people as in love with horses and this lifestyle as we are. So I guess the reason I blog is, in all honesty, is to be relevant. To bring my story to life, to share, and also be apart of other people’s stories. Thank you for sharing, and being a part of O and I’s story.

So why do you blog?

O feeling good!
O feeling good!
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