To the Left

My horse and I are both right sided. I am left hand dumb a lot of the time, and she struggles going to the left far more than to the right. Actually at this time we are working to the left about 70% of the time, to the right about 30% in our hacks. Trainers recommendations since it is obviously an issue for both of us.

Currently my life on the flat.
Currently my life on the flat.

Last night in our lesson I couldn’t stop my left hand from taking an adventure around every corner. I’d be thinking left bend, outside rein, lots of inside leg…. and then my rouge left hand would be all “it’s okay, I’ll just keep getting higher to help”. Mind-hand-habits collided and I ended up back at the walk to try to reteach myself how to bend my horse left. Fail on my part.
After the hand-that-always-rises incident on the flat, it seemed fate that we would be doing bending lines today. Bending lines with the add by the way. O was better, but we are still struggling with the happy medium between half halts where we are supposed to be maintaining the pace. However we had zero giant leaping incidents from a stride away, and ended on a fairly nice note. We were both exhausted.

My agenda for the week now includes even more of going back to basics on the left to try to undo my nasty left hand habits and crookedness. My equitation has really been under fire lately, but it’s good. At least we are to a point where we can focus on that kind of stuff. Anyway, We’ll start at the walk and see how it goes.

In cuteness news, I won a stuffed icelandic horse giveaway from Behind the Bit and Blessi ngs–Life with an Icelandic Horse. I’m actually a big fan of this breed and have seen them at a few demos. Such adorable and powerful little horses.

Olive giving a ride to her new stuffed friend!
Olive giving a ride to her stuffed friend!
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