Blog Hop: 7 Deadly Sins

blog hop

In honor of Fat Tuesday (so I’m a day late) Viva Carlos is doing this great blog hop, so I’m joining in!

Seven great things/strengths in your riding life

Passion for the sport
Support of my family
O is 100% willing and mine
Ability to take critques and learn from them
Amazing barn supporters both trainers and fellow riders
Motivation to improve

Seven things you lack or covet for you or your horse

Unlimited Showing Funds!
Ability to ride more often
Gorgeous leather open front boots from beval or prestige
Chiropractic/massage work every other month
Option to stall my horse in brutal weather
Being body clipped (see above)
Custom saddle to fit O (I don’t think mine is bad, but I’m always curious)

Seven things that make you angry

When I can’t get my horses bell boots off (the struggle is real)
When people or their children (young riders etc.) comment rudely on my horse
When people judge me based on my horse living outside
Getting badly cut off in a flat class
When I ride crappy
When I screw my horse up (see above)
Horses that bite

Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on

Cleaning my horses white socks, because she lives outside and will ultimately go get them dirty again.
Cleaning my bridle after every ride
Clip my horses face (she goes nuts and needs drugs to do it)
Clean the horse stuff out of my car-therefore causing my co-workers to be confused by all the leather and sweaty pony stuff
Tying up my horse, as she just stands next to me to tack up
Taking bell boots off to wash
Washing my saddle pads

Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding

My saddle
My horse’s upkeep
My new Tredstep field boots
My grand prix show jackets
Riding lessons
My horse
Show fees (soon to be expensive item)

Seven guilty pleasures or favorite items

Owning an easy keeper
Knowing the city’s trainers, other riders, etc. since I grew up showing here
Having a best friend that rides at the same stable
Having a great job to finance the addiction
Having a husband that is a bad ass rider himself (and looks cute doing it)
Riding at a barn with an amazing set up to host their own shows
Riding for a trainer I deeply respect and enjoy learning from

Seven things you love about horses and riding

The companionship between horse and rider
The fitness it brings
The way they smell
The moment on a jumps approach when you know you nailed it
Being unique and yet also part of an amazing team
Reaching for a trust level beyond any other ‘pet’ can
My horse

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photo 1 (11)

12 thoughts on “Blog Hop: 7 Deadly Sins

  1. I don’t think you should be ashamed of your horse living out: it’s the best thing for them! Although we’ve domesticated them, they’re still made for living outdoors and those who do are often much happier and almost always fitter for it. I was at a demo just over a year ago and one of the best dressage riders in the world keeps his horses outside, because his vet has a saying: “the best way to keep a horse fit is to keep it moving”. If it works for him…

    • Don’t get me wrong, I love that mine lives outside!! It keeps her loose and much less mare-ish. But in some stables I’ve been through, people who will pay more for the stalled spaces look down on those who keep theirs outside.
      I guess I’d retract that: I don’t really want mine stalled all the time, but the option to toss her in one when it’s brutally cold like it’s been lately would be nice.

      • well… those people have more money than sense, in my opinion πŸ˜‰ if it were me, I’d walk past them with a smile, smug that I didn’t have to muck out or skip out… that said, they’re probably the ones who pay other people to do that for them.

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