They have arrived!

I had a half day last Friday…so I was there when my brand new, rather gorgeous Tredstep boots arrived at my door. I actually jumped around on my front porch in my sweatpants in the freezing cold and yelled thank you to the quickly retreating delivery man. I was that pumped.

First impressions:
Fancy schmancy. I haven’t bought new tall boots and such a long time that it took me a minute to get over the prettiness of the boots, and how each one came with it’s own inflatable boot tree and velvety storage bag. Otherwise also noted that they come with instep risers. Probably not needed for me, but a neat feature for those who will need it.
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The inflatable trees are my husbands favorite part.  Boys.
The inflatable trees are my husbands favorite part. Boys.

Once the box was open there was only one course of action…Put them on while wearing my PJ’s!

I strutted around the house for a few minutes, but was actually a bit concerned about the fit across my calves. I have big calves, but rather small/normal-ish ankles. To my surprise I thought these might be a little too big (shock) for me. Panicked, I threw on some breeches and tall socks before trying them on again.

They do fit!
They do fit!

Monster calves are contained!
Monster calves are contained!

Much better fit!! The boots have great contour to them and I don’t feel like my monster calves are going too crazy or noticable. The zipper is tight but not pressured. I think that they fit very true to measurements (if that makes sense). Also, their big promo/selling feature is that they are easy to break in or don’t need to be broken in. I will say that they foot/ankle/calf of the boot is soft and lovely; the tops will drop and become more comfortable with use.

So here I am nerding it up in my living room wearing the new boots! So far I love them. We’ll see how they do mounted up!

Who's pumped?  THIS GIRL!
Who’s pumped? THIS GIRL!

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