Ready for March

Not my picture...but you get the idea.

Not my picture…but you get the idea.

March started out a bit rough with this ridiculous cold weather and plenty of snow and ice for all. Seriously, it was negative 6 degrees when I went to work this morning. That’s not windchill, that’s actually the temperature. With April looming, and the chance to get some horse shows going, I have some goals I’d really like to work on this month.

1. First and foremost, pace. We must find a medium between hitting the gas and hitting the breaks. Maintaining it is the key.

2. We need to figure out a plan for those lead changes. I’d really like to go into the ring aiming for the flying change and use a quick change as a backup plan. So March sounds like it will hold lots of lead change schooling and straightness at the canter.

3. We have to keep both of our fitness levels up and ready to go. For O it’s necessary to keep her loose and sound, and for me it’s to be able to keep up with her and feel good doing it.

Also, can I plead for spring to come? I can’t wait to be able to ride outside again!


10 thoughts on “Ready for March

  1. Yeah, I’m right there with you pleading for Spring to get here already! I’m so so so tired of the indoor.

  2. Wow that snow looks pretty… πŸ™‚ prob not what you want to hear right now while you are freezing. The closest I have gotten to anything looking like that is while defrosting the freezer. I will send some of our 37 degree (which is 98 degrees Fahrenheit) weather your way to help you thaw out πŸ™‚

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