Face Plant

As we all know sometimes things don’t go as planned with horses.

Ever since O’s meltdown in the field, I’ve decided to add some lunge sessions (maybe once a week) in the field so that I can control her antics from the safety on the ground. Usually she is an angel to be lunged, so today we headed straight out there. When we first started she was so cute! O was having a ball and totally showing off! So naturally I took pictures share!

photo 1 (3)

This isn't so scary!

This isn’t so scary!

Uphill much?

Uphill much?

We had a few of these moments…

Being a llama.



Then cute mare stumbled a bit, and was hugely offended by it and proceeded to do the following.
photo 2 (2)

Imaginary jump?

Imaginary jump?

Baby buck

Baby buck

It was fine, and I don’t usually scold her harshly for antics on the lunge since she rarely does anything too wild. Except after that last buck; she attempted to gallop away. I said a strong no, and she responded with a crazy twist to get some more bucking in. O did not balance this effort well and totally wiped out in the grass. She was up a second later and immediately was blowing like a wild stallion about it.

I ran to her and fussed and loved on her and quickly pertained that she really only fell in mud and she trotted out sound. I went on to lunge her the other way (also sound) and got some great trot work.

Apologetic pony

Apologetic pony

After our lunge session I brought her in to check everything out again (she seemed fine) so I hopped on her for a quick refresher course in our add stride workout. She was awesome though, nailing the extra step, and I didn’t push her to hard. Much cuddles and treats for O pony. The weather is supposed to turn within the next day or two so I bundled up O tight! Stay warm everyone!

9 thoughts on “Face Plant

  1. She looks really nice and uphill in a couple of those photos! Loki did the same thing last week on the lunge line and while I felt bad I mostly just shook my head b/c he did it to himself.

    • I was pretty excited about the uphill part since she’s built a little downhill.

      At first I felt like a really bad mom when she wiped out, but quickly got over it. Maybe she’ll make a better choice next time!

  2. She looks great! River always gets horribly worried when he slips or stumbles–we’re working on it and thankfully he hasn’t pulled any great shenanigans over it yet!

  3. Aww, silly horses. I had titan out doing basically the same thing from the ground after he spooked a ton out in the field under saddle. He took off on me and had a nice run around the property…it turned into a rather involved affair with me slowly trudging around the property after him. He finally left my line of sight and ran off over a hill at which point I just decided to go back to the barn, I was clearly outclassed trying to follow a TB around on some 600+ acres. Wouldn’t you know it…I got back and he was standing in a vacant stall all by his lonesome lol.
    O looks good!

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