Horse of many colors

O has finally decided to ditch the winter coat and shed out. And I just love her darker coat! I really hope this weird reddish hair goes away quickly.

Awkward neck beard.

Awkward neck beard.

More weird red hair.

More weird red hair.

And yes, we are still rocking the mohawk.

And yes, we are still rocking the mohawk.

In other news:
I rode this cutie today!!

She says "Come back here, I can't fit!"

She says “Come back here, I can’t fit!”

I’m at week three, and although I’m ahead of my doctors recommendation, I feel great! I feel like I normally do, I’ve been back to working out and being active like normal. So I thought I’d just sit on her today. Then it felt so good, I thought why not a little trotting eh? That led straight to a short canter both directions, and some poles. When I got off I my body felt kind of jelly-like for not riding for weeks, but overall my back is holding up really good! Plan is to see how I feel tomorrow, and if still good-then to ride again. Maybe a lesson is in the forecast for me! Feels so good to be back in the saddle!

Q1 Review: Where we stand

This first quarter has been chalk full of all kinds of great moments, and a few awful ones. I’d like to take minute to assess where we are after 1 quarter.
Goals for 2014:
First and most importantly-keep O sound.
So far, so good. I knock on wood a lot lately, but minus a few days of weirdness during the ice storm, O is feeling good!!
Take O to her first horse show.
This is still on the agenda, but the horse show organization heard I feel off and moved the show back a week!! –Just kidding, but it being moved back to April 12th only makes it more possible.
Convince my husband to take a lesson or ride on O english style.
Currently O is not his favorite animal. Hoping she can re-win him back over this summer.
I participate in my first horse show since high school.
Working on it.
Get our flying changes down.
No go. Still solidifying that canter of hers.
Feel confident jumping around full courses with consistent pace.
Not going to strike it, yet but we have come MILES. Just a matter of perfecting that ‘cruise control’ canter.
Win a ribbon (any ribbon).
Pending horse show.
Find and buy new tall boots that fit my mammoth calves.
DONE. I love my new tredsteps!
Participate in a clinic.
Waiting for summer.

Overall kind of a slow start. Hoping to pick up some momentum in April/May for more goal crossing off time!

An Update On O

Being stuck on the ground sucks.

Being stuck on the ground while your horse acts a fool sucks even more.

I’ve gotten some good feedback from the people just hacking O, which I love getting. However, the training rides, as well as the lessons I’ve allowed her to be used in, (for a few of my fav junior riders) have not been going well. Apparently my beastie has decided to evade contact, throw her head all over the place, and not give a bend going to the left. She had a ride Monday and Wednesday of this week, and when I asked how they went my trainer laughed.

Probably not a great sign.

Other than that she’s loosing hair like crazy, and actually continues to be a touch too skinny for my liking.

I saw her face to face for the first time yesterday and it wasn’t exactly a hallmark commercial. It was raining, and neither of us wanted to be wet. We hurried in. I threw her in a stall. She ate hay and ignored me. There was no cuddles or horsey kisses. I must remind myself that she’s 1. Not a dog. 2. Just got ridden like an hour before, and was probably brain fried and not pleased to be back inside where the work happens.

I fed treats, I brushed and cuddled. She was soaked so that put a bit of a damper on things (haha). And then I tossed her back out.

Cute girl drying and eating before going back into the rain!

Cute girl drying and eating before going back into the rain!

O is getting a pedicure this weekend, and then I’m hoping to beg my husband into ponying me around on her. I have promised not to do anything stupid with my back, but I just want to see how it feels to hold that particular position! He has not agreed yet, but I’m working on it!

Other fun news, my new riding gloves from The Bionic Store arrived a few days ago and I can’t wait to take them for a spin!

They look pretty cool!

They look pretty cool!

Boot Camp for O

I must admit that after getting bucked off, I was displeased with my horse. The official report on what happened was that instead of jumping like a normal horse, O decided to ‘tigger’ jump the second half of the line, and torn down the standard with her hind end (still some confusion how she managed that). As standard came down it hit her legs, butt and set off the bucking spree.

O jumps like this so the flowers won't eat her.

O jumps like this so the flowers won’t eat her.

I honestly get that she was scared. However, I do really wish she had taken the high road and had controlled her hysteria. Anyway.

O is being hacked by some amazing people while I’m off, and all of them have been great giving me updates on her post-ride. However, one message I was frustrated/angry at getting is one from a friend who hacked her right after I feel. Apparently O was a total witch, and spent most of the ride being nasty to her rider. I admit that I was a little disappointed, it’s like hearing your child was caught bullying in school or something. My trainer was getting on the next day for a bit of an evaluation ride, and anxiously awaited her feedback.

From the trainers mouth: O was really good, but she admitted that there O has some fear issues right now. Most likely that she is pretty freaked out about my fall, or the jump falling on her, and needs some reassurance. My trainer jumped her around, and overall was happy at the end of the ride. She is putting O in a bit of a boot camp, and will be jumping her around/schooling her a few more times until I get back on. Right now O needs to be jumped around and get her confidence back, and my trainer is perfect for that. We’ve also managed to figure out (hopefully) how to keep her at 4-5 rides a week! Gotta keep that girl fit.

You can still pop over to She Moved to Texas’ March Madness post to vote for A Gift Horse if you’d like!!

Winning and Voting!

Ladies and gents,

Thank you again for all who entered into my birthday contest! I have a winner!

Congrats to Calm Forward Straight!

Drawn by the hubs straight out of the hat!

Drawn by the hubs straight out of the hat!

You are our winner. I hope you can post some pictures when you get your fabulous custom sign from TheStallSignShop. Contact me (Genny) and we’ll get you set up!
Also, head over to She Moved to Texas’ March Madness post to vote for A Gift Horse!! O and I would appreciate it!


I’m officially at one week and two days off my horse (ha), and grounded from horse activities. The swelling in my hip and right side significantly has started to decrease, and I can actually lift up/use my right leg now. Before this it’s been stuck in a weird, I-can’t-put-my-foot-down-flat mode, that was not conducive for everyday uses such as: walking, going up or down stairs, and getting out of my car. Super annoying. I digress…this have gotten much more comfortable since then. I’ve never been more aware of how one injury can cause another (such as lameness in horses) since my left side has been very sore lately since I”m compensating so much. Horses-I totally get it now.

So what do you do when you are grounded from riding? I’ve put together a short list of what I’ve been doing to keep the horse craziness at bay while I heal up.

1. Watch Youtube. Specifically Derbys and other such fancy ponies.

2. Break in your new tall boots. I’m supposed to be moving around more anyway…perfect timing. (ignore the cluster of cords from my poor TV)
photo (5)
3. Read all the blogs.

4. Play random online show jumping game and become too highly invested.

5. Clean my house. Because honestly it tends to come second to riding (opps).

6. Become overly interested March Madness.

7. Meet up with horse friends to keep in the loop on the comings/goings/details of barn life.

8. Live on cute pictures of your horse being a pig in the field.

Goober. Also looks like she's rocking the mohawk look here.

Goober. Also looks like she’s rocking the mohawk look here.

A big shout out to everyone who entered my giveaway for TheStallSignShop customized sign! The winner will be announced this weekend!

20 Things I Have Accomplished

Since I’m currently stuck on the ground, I thought it would be really fun to think back to some of the cool things I have had the chance to do in my time riding and being around horses. So in light of my current lameness…here are 20 things I have done!

1. I have ridden/trained western, I actually started out lessons at a western stable.

My favorite western pony, Patch.

My favorite western pony, Patch.

2. I have shown in both western and English.
3. I have jumped up to 3’6”
Not 3'6'' but a fun jumping picture.

Not 3’6” (sorry no evidence) but a fun jumping picture.

4. I have ridden 4 horses in a day, back to back.
5. I have helped run a horse camp for kids.
6. I have ridden bareback (walk, trot, canter)
7. I have seen a newborn foal.
Don't have pictures of the newborn, but here's pictures of hubby's baby at 2 weeks.

Don’t have pictures of the newborn, but here’s cutie pictures of hubby’s baby at 2 weeks.

8. I have helped break a 3 year old (only from the ground though)
This baby.  He was so easy.

The baby from picture above all growed up. He was so easy.

9. I have rehabilitated numerous horses from all types of injuries.
She was my favorite rehab pony, so beautiful.

She was my favorite rehab pony, so beautiful.

10. I have worked for my ex-trainer as an exercise rider/working student
Best job ever!

Best job ever!

Got to ride his big jumpers.  Excuse my crazy wrists.

Got to ride his big jumpers. Excuse my crazy wrists.

11. I have schooled a 13hh pony at a show and over jumps….with my 36inch long legs (I rode jockey style so the irons didn’t hit the jumps)
This was the pony.  Obviously here I am not schooling, but rather screwing around.

This was the pony. Obviously here I am not schooling, but rather screwing around.

12. I have gone to a show and won every class in my division.
Blurry picture warning...But this mare was my most successful partnership.

Blurry picture warning…But this mare was my most successful partnership.

12.b And was able to be reunited with the same mare 6 years later.


13. I have won year end awards.
14. I have leased two fantastic horses, and owned two others.
My first mare and rescue horse, Joy.

My first mare and rescue horse, Joy.

15. I have owned and rehabbed a rescue horse (pictured above).
16. I have galloped across miles of land chasing cattle.


17. I have helped/volunteered with a developmentally disabled riding organization.
18. I came back to riding after a 1.5 year old break after college graduation (I had no money!)
19. I bought my own horse-with my own money, and supported her.
This cute girl.

This cute girl.

20. I have dated and married a horseman.
With his QH mare

With his QH mare

The hubs.

The hubs.