Sometimes Forgotten?

Subject for the day: Off the track quarter horses.

I find myself mulling this subject over more and more lately as we approach show season. I am the proud owner of an off the track quarter horse. On her papers, O is an appendix quarter horse, and she was bred and trained to race. Although she only made it to the track for one race (she was horrible=see video below), she lived the racehorse lifestyle for years. After her failure on the track, they utilized her as a pony horse for training.

While I am so pleased to see the the OTTB has caught the public’s eye and is helping so many of these brilliant equine athletes find new jobs…I guess I’m a bit confused why people are not pushing this for off the track quarter horse racehorses as well. There are numerous quarter horse races in the US. And from personal experience, I can say that they are great athletes as well, and also need second careers.

I will say that when I hear about the only OTTB classes at shows, I get a little jealous, because the off the track quarter horses seem to have been forgotten. Of course it doesn’t make me cheer any quieter when I hear an off the track horse is competing in one of the big shows. I still feel a kinship with other off the track owners no matter what the breed. I just wish that there could be a more general off the track class versus the thoroughbred only classes. But again, maybe that’s just me. 🙂

I understand that the quarter horse racehorses numbers are smaller, but it shouldn’t diminish the importance of finding them second careers as well. And why not use them in the English world? In my mind, O is a perfect combination for me. Her genes bring out the size and movements that thoroughbreds are prized for, while her quarter horse side presents a solid body and quiet brain that is ideal for hunters. Both breeds are equally athletic. So why I wonder, is O the only off the track quarter horse I’ve ever run across in the hunter/jumper world? I have to believe there are many more OTQH’s like her that need a job.

Anyway, I’m off my soapbox for now. I just wanted to share some thoughts!

Quarter horse in dressage.
Quarter horse in dressage.

However, I did collect a few cool sites if people want to learn more about quarter horse racing!

Statue of Refridgerator, one of the best sprinters of all time.  He was an appendix as well.
Statue of Refridgerator, one of the best sprinters of all time. He was an appendix as well.

This organization re-homes both QH’s and TB’s from the track in Texas:

Or this Facebook group who focuses on QH’s as well: Group

Does anyone out there have an off the track quarter horse?

And now for some humor….my horse’s race video. Go to about 2:12 to watch her race. She breaks from the 6 post.

She was incredibly slow, and I’m glad! That brought her to me!

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