Brain overload

I wanted to ride my horse outside today. It’s the last really nice day for awhile (over 40 is considered nice at this point) and she got ridden yesterday. That, plus her normally sound brain, I figured this equaled a good day to go outside and get our hills on. We need to tone up da booty.

Heading outside with her best partner in crime for company, we started out the quiet pair. At first we led the way for the other suspicious horse, and O meandered along ears pricked totally at ease. We went up and down the steep hill a few times, she was great. I was practically swinging my legs along in relaxation and joy. Then I decided to go the flat area for some nice trot work.

I might as well of lit a stick of dynamite, and asked it to not go off. Head up like a giraffe, grabbing at the bit she dragged me around a lap or two. I then shortened my reins, and asked for work and more firmly. She responded with some seriously boss lateral work…problem was I was asking her to trot straight. We come back to a messy walk. We collect. I ask for the trot. I get a rather speedy canter. Sigh, half halt….mare picks up speed…more half halting…more speed trotting. After we finally get back to the walk this is what I get.

ME: Okay start over let’s just bend quietly to the left.
O: We should definitely be galloping!
ME: Please stop being a giraffe.
ME: That’s a stick, trot now please.
O: I can only canter.
ME: I have faith you can trot quietly

Basically any cue or aid I gave her equaled an attempt at running like a loon. Finally after a few screeching halts, we had an okay circles of trotting. My arms were toast. Time to remove ourselves from the situation. We journeyed over to see the newly refooted outdoor ring for the first time. At this point something enclosed sounded pretty spiffy. It took us a few attempts to get through the gate (another monster), but after the intial lap…my horse finally poked her nose out and quietly trotted around. Thank god. I got off. Her brain was fried. Total overload of all the things. There was wind, there was new things, there were other horses, there was no sign of my quiet little hunter. Oh well, she didn’t dump me and run (even if she thought about it) and she finished the day on a high note. I will call it a win.

Brain fried pony post-ride.


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