Kudos to O

Last night O and I were able to squeeze into a group lesson with two other adult ammies and we had a great time.

We did a nice but quick warm up on the flat and headed straight into jumping. I was excited to jump for the first time in two week, and obviously O felt the same. She bounded down the lines and left me half halting like crazy and to little effect. After the first round my trainer have us the go to let her stride out and get the stride versus the add we were looking for in the exercise. She laughed saying O’s mammoth stride just wasn’t going to fit. Next time down in the 4 made a much happier pony and a less grabby rider. After she relaxed and began to accept my leg without galloping like a loon we moved to this twisty, winding course with two new jumps for her to mentally work through.

To my pleasure on the long approaches I felt like I was riding a really broke horse who went along soft and quiet. Problem was I would enjoy it so much that when we did approach the jumps I had a ton of horse in front of me. We got to a few sketchy spots, but O was totally willing and jumped it all. The best part of my lesson was my trainer yelling at me to take note how nice she was jumping, how slow and relaxed she was actually over the obstacle. Gone was my hurling horse, and in its place I had something that felt amazing! O definitely put her on her big girl girth today. Although I felt I could have given a better ride with distances, trainer was really happy with her, touching on the fact that now she’s jumping from pretty much anywhere and comfortably. Major kudos to O that I’m actually able to spend more time working on myself, and the distances knowing that she will take care of the rest (for the most part).

And since it was completely dark and I had no one to take pictures…here’s a picture from last week after a lesson!


Rocking the argyle socks with crazy rainbow rain boots.

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