Boots for me!

The last time I bought tall boots I was 15. And god only knows that I used and abused those poor ariats throughout my junior years.

Last night…I bought new boots!! It was a goal of mine for 2014 to find boots that would fit my rather beefy calves yet could still accommodate my very long legs all while still looking pretty. I tried on several types, and discovered that sadly Ariats just did not fit me anymore. My trainer is a huge promoter of Tredstep boots, and loves her own pair. Coming from someone who practically lives in theirs, I have been keeping my eye out looking to buy the somewhat cheaper version (budgets suck) of the boots.

And then yesterday, in between two meetings at work I saw was selling the Tredstep Da Vinci Tall boots…in TALL! HALLELUJAH! And with savings of almost $300, lets do this!

First pass at the husband earned me narrowed, suspicious eyes…I poured him another beer, got myself a hefty glass of wine and tried again. This time I followed him to grill and held the plate of burgers for him while he ignored me. Finally, over dinner he gave in.

These beauties are on their way to me!


Soooo sshhiiinnneyy!

Point is, I’m super excited. If they fit like they are supposed to, and how my trainers do, I’ll be set. Tackoftheday-you are the best! Also, husbands who continue to let you obliterate the budget…they are pretty cool too!

My saddle is still craving this amazing stuff! Equestrian at Hart’s Giveaway for Higher Standards Soap is ending soon!

15 thoughts on “Boots for me!

  1. Good luck with the boots, my experiences with Tredstep (numerous) have led me to vow never to purchase another of their products.
    I know I ride daily and that’s hard on my boots but out of two pairs one lasted two months and another six.

  2. Yay! Very exciting! I was sad to try on my new pair of Ariat’s last night to find they won’t zip up my calf just yet. As a side note- if you struggle with the Treadstep boots try zipping them without breeches (frankly without socks) and when you do get them up wear them for a hot minute. It also helps to zip and unzip a few times while they’re on your leg. As a last resort you can take them in the shower to help the leather stretch. Can you tell I also suffer from athletic calves?

    • Haha! I like the term athletic calves, versus all the nasty terms I call them (usually after trying to fit into my chaps or trying on boots). The struggle is real! I’m hoping that as long as these are close enough that I can break them in some. I’ll definitely try some of your tips if necessary! 🙂

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