Just Some Fun

Last night I went to the barn with only one intention…To have fun!

Monday as a whole kind of kicked my butt. Woke up late, work was insane, I screwed up, my eye doctor was evil, and so on. My husband was great, and told me to whatever I needed to detox from this day. When I said the barn, I think he was secretly glad since he wasn’t within striking distance there.

Anyway, after our rather difficult rides this weekend, and constant reminders from my trainer that I still need to have positive mental rides, last night was just what I needed. I put on O’s new bonnet, even if there was literally no one there to see it except me. We warmed up, I stayed as straight as I could, we cantered a lot, I tried very hard to sink into my saddle and not hunch through my back. However, the biggest focus was just to ride.

Mirror pic!
Well ride, and take pictures!

My horse was happy, I was happy, I was reasonably straight and I got some great transitions. Big pats for the horse, and I felt that all was right again in the world. Sometimes we get so wrapped around the 9000 things we have to remember that we forget how to enjoy riding.

O was plenty sweaty so her and I just hung around while she dried. She was extra cuddly and sweet.

Cuddle sesh.
Cuddle sesh.

Cute pony face.
Cute pony face.

My saddle is craving this stuff! Equestrian at Hart’s Giveaway for Higher Standards Soap is ending soon!

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