This One is on Me

So jokes on me.

O is completely sound.

I am not.
Allow me to explain.

Sadly I am practially useless on the left side of my body, as I am very right hand dominant. After O strained/injured/whatever her left hind she compensated by using her right side more. Completely natural. However, I apparently have fed on this and coupled with my already weak left side I have turned into a monster!!

My trainer today mentioned that I have really become biased to my right side, and tend to curl in and fall in on the left side. My horse, as only a mare can, decided she is done with that bull and is fixing it herself…by throwing herself to the right as well. It feels weird and looks a little weird. Although I feel better that she’s not hurting or anything, I feel like an idiot. Since it’s not something that has been going on for very long, my trainer thinks that if we can nip this in the bud her canter will even back out, and we can continue to build up my left side.

Easily said than done. My core, left shoulder and hips were screaming after two laps around the ring going correctly. I’m aware of my left side weakness, but when did it get this bad?! Homework for the week is to do figure eights, no stirrup work to urge my own body into straightness, and even having a friend lunge me without reins so I can just sit and be straight.

Sounds like a back to basis few weeks for me. Which is good. I already have enough bad habits, I don’t want to add left side curling/weakness to the list. O got major cuddles, and we went around for a few simple changes. She was already tired and steaming, and felt the urge to be ‘clever’ about a few things, but overall we ended on a nice straight note. Hopefully this will continue.

O bugging passerby for treats and love…


12 thoughts on “This One is on Me

  1. You’ve got me thinking. . . I’m with you in the “dominant right side” camp. I honestly think my left leg is shaped a little differently than my right (right=more toned). Outside of riding, is there something else we can be doing to be “centered” people. I’ve never done 20 lunges on the left and only 10 on the right. or done more bicep curls on the left than right. I do yoga once in a blue moon, but I do other types of gym workouts. I wonder if I should try overdoing it on my weak side. Does anyone reading this have friends who are personal trainers and can address the human one-sided cure? It seems like cross training might be in order.

  2. This all sounds very familiar!
    I found it helped a lot to think about my straightness all the time. Typing a blog post – am I leaning to one side? Driving my car – am I evenly on both seat bones? Where are my shoulders? Then when I get into the saddle I’m naturally more conscious of it and can correct myself quicker.

  3. Fascinating, I have just been told I am left side dominant when riding so was wondering what to do about it. Good to hear it’s not just me 🙂 and the tips to sort it out.

  4. I’ve been doing yoga once a week and it really helps you figure out where your weaknesses are. For example, you do all of the exercises both right and left, so I might be fine one way but terrible the other way! Shows me where I’m uneven, and I can think about it and connect it with my riding. Good luck evening out :p

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