Warmer Weather

It is pretty sad when I consider 33 degrees warmer weather, but it’s true! I only put 3 layers on top and hauled my butt out to the barn last night!

I’ve been feeling a little tense about O’s hind end strangeness that has been peeking around this week. Like I’ve mentioned before, she’s not unsound…it’s just weird. Maybe she needs another chiro appointment. We’ll see what the trainers think this weekend. However, I was happy (relieved) last night though that she moved out considerably better and felt sound at the walk/trot and just a bit sore at the canter. I’m guessing a lot of this is just a horse being outside in the crappy snowy weather. Hopefully pony feels 100% this weekend so we can lesson.

Fuzzy pony getting her grub on.

Fuzzy pony getting her grub on.

Side note: I obsessively watch the Olympics. Any event minus hockey (which I cannot stand to watch on TV for some reason). The next time people give me the “you’re crazy” look about riding I’m going to point out that there are way more insane sports out there than equestrian! I feel like a giant wuss compared to most of these people.

Not my photo: but seriously.  This makes horses look safe to me.

Not my photo: but seriously. This makes horses look safe to me.

Anyway, Go USA!

It’s supposed to be almost 50 degrees this weekend. I feel the urge to whip out a t-shirt or something crazy. Woohoo!

And finally….

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Contest alert: It’s still going! Equestrian at Hart’s Giveaway for Higher Standards Soap!

And Alicia at The Red-Headed Mare is also having a contest for one of her super cute crocheted ponies!

8 thoughts on “Warmer Weather

  1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing last night watching the skiing- I was like, and I think eventers are insane… @_@

    Wiz has had similar hind end soreness thingies going on. I wish I had money for a chiro but I don’t really have the money. I’m hoping it’s just the crappy weather…

  2. It is funny when 30+ degrees sounds warm. I’m looking forward to warmer weather next week. I can’t wait!

    Hopefully O’s hind end weirdness will get sorted out for you soon!

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