A Snowy Photo Shoot

Back on our real anniversary (December), O and I were not yet used to the freezing cold temperatures, and didn’t have a great set up for photo shoots. After our recent move, and the 14 inches of snow we’ve had, I just decided to go for it.

Disclaimer: I am not wearing a helmet. I am over 18 and made the decision to not wear one during the 5-10 minutes I could stand to even be outside in the weather. Plus my hair was down for once. Double bonus.

Second disclaimer: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL MODEL NOR PHOTOGRAPHER/EDITOR (no laughing at my unique faces).

I had a blast.

It was 18 degrees (feels like 4 degrees), and crazy windy. But still very fun. My horse was a great sport, and trudged around for a few while I laughed manically like a 2 year old on her back.










My favorite!
My favorite!
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