Cold Feet

I braved the 18 degree temps yesterday to go out and ride the mare. It was extremely difficult to get anything done when it’s this bitter. And even though my trainer is not convinced, I don’t think O feels very good. She’s a little weird behind, not unsound, almost sore like? I don’t like it, but at the same time I’m trying to not let it get under my skin. I really do think it just has to do with the fact it’s been under freezing for almost 2 full weeks now, and she’s had crazy amounts of ice and snow packed in her feet lately. That cannot be comfortable.

Anyway, so besides that it was an okay ride. I was distracted by her confusing hind end, and spent a lot of time stressing over that, rather than working on my homework. I did do lots of passes by the mirrors try make sure I was leaning further back and engaging my core. I’m still kind of sore, so that’s a good sign.

Since there is no getting away from the snow and ice until later this week, we decided to use it as a backdrop. I haven’t gotten them all organized and edited…but I’ll leave a teaser. 🙂

Snow pony.

Snow pony.

It’s still going! Equestrian at Hart’s Giveaway for Higher Standards Soap!

4 thoughts on “Cold Feet

  1. Me P gets stiff and icky if he gets time off. I try to keep him in work even when it’s cold. Hopefully with consistent work she will feel better again. It’s hard with this weather but my minimum is 10 degrees. Horses are not as effected by temp as we are.

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