Buried in snow

After we got the ice storm last weekend, few inches snow did not sound that bad.

Well, we ended up with over 13 inches of snow at my house. The stable and O pony got about the same dumped on them. I got updates via Facebook and text from the stable manager that she had dug some pathways and that all the heated buckets were kicking this snow’s butt. Basically, the ponies were all happy and safe for the time being; which was great because my car chose not to play ball in the snow and was a scary, sliding mess on the roads. There was no way I could make it out on the gravel roads to the stable.

The snow stopped yesterday, about the same time as the temperature started dropping. Then we had temperatures as low as negative 12 degrees Fahrenheit. My phone tells me that feels like negative 23. My brain says no way in hell are we going to go outside. I feel horrible for the cold ponies, but know they are getting the best care possible during this cold snap. It’s supposed to be 15 degrees out today (pitifully excited about that), and I hope to sneak out and check on O. I will take pictures if my fingers can handle it.

Wishing safe travels to those still having to navigate some of the still sucky conditions. They’ve announced a chance for more snow early next week. Hoping that it’s a joke and nothing else falls from the sky.

Annnnnnd since I have zero pictures of the snow because I’ve been hiding out on my couch eating snacks like crazy (isn’t that what you are supposed to do on snow days?), I give you this random photo from the summer.


Also, go over to Equestrian At Hart who is giving away the fabulous Higher Standards Leather Care soap!

6 thoughts on “Buried in snow

  1. I’m not sure how much snow we got here but it was quite a bit as well. I actually used the 4 wheel drive on my Expedition for the first time ever trying to get up the driveway to the barn. Crazy winter!

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