Breaking Down February

In this ridiculous cold and nasty weather, I’ve been thinking about how to break things down a bit goal-wise while still keeping the overall 2014 goals in mind.

In February I’m going to focus on the following items:

1. Walk to canter transitions (they are there, but usually only when she’s feeling fresh)

2. Getting a nice square halt from the trot.

square halt
3. Nail the quick changes, and be more objective about setting her up for flying changes.

4. Ride at least 3 times a week weather permitting with lots of trot work.

5. Do more stirrup-less work at all gaits.

In recent news I won Dandyism’s contest for a brand new bonnet! I’ve never had one and wait to see how O pony looks in her new hat!

Going with the black because we are kind of boring it matches her mane :)
Going with the black because we are kind of boring hunters….plus it matches her mane 🙂

Stay safe tomorrow everyone who will be affected by the snowstorm. We are battening down the hatches here!

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